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Spotlight on Silhouette + Mindful May

Hi, I’m Hazel, sustainable stylist, keeping fashion circular.

Last week I launched my weekly Style Strategy Sunday's on Instagram Live. The series is all about helping you plan your outfits for the week ahead and get more out of the clothes you already own. This week the focus was on SILHOUETTE! Put simply, silhouette is the shape that your clothes make on your body.

I had felt myself shy away from using silhouette examples in my styling videos and workshops because I want to help women feeling great in their clothes and MOVE as far away as possible from the antiquated ideas of "hiding" parts of our body, which seems to take up a lot of space in the styling/silhouette chat.


And then I watched these fab videos on YouTube by Kathleen Illustrated where she talked about silhouette in conjunction with the idea of an outfit recipe e.g. small top + wide bottom. And BOOM! There it was, the perfect, non body shaming way, to talk about silhouette.


There are 3 traditional silhouettes: Slim, Straight & Wide.


We can take these traditional silhouettes and add some principals of style to create some fun new outfit recipes:


Balance: wide top + wide bottom

Contrast: wide top + slim bottom

Scale: oversized

Movement: lots of layers

Emphasis: adding a diagonal accessory such as a bag or tied shirt to emphasise part of your outfit or add a point of focus


Give yourself 20 minutes or so and have a play with different combinations from your wardrobe to find out what works for you!


For this week's Style Strategy Sunday I will be focussing on print and how to print match or clash.


You can tune in on Sunday at 3:30pm AWST by following me on instagram!


Its Mindful May...


I have been collaborating with the incredible Chrysisus from Reloved Radio, a podcast all about Sustainable Fashion stories, gentle coach Vive Oldham, money coach Jacinta Ebsworth, and slow fashion content creator Charlie Smith to create a special 3-part audio series on the following topics:


  1. Consumption and habit change: Why is it so hard to stop buying?

  2. Why we buy: The relationship between our mental state and our consumption habits

  3. Why do we keep outsourcing our style to fast fashion instead of focussing on what we already have?

Head to Reloved Radio on the 27th of May to tune in to our engaging forum-style discussions later this month as we explore the challenges and complexities surrounding consumption habits, environmental impact, and societal expectations.


This will be an enlightening series that promises to inspire reflection, ignite change, and pave the way for a more conscious and compassionate relationship with fashion and consumption. In conjunction to this 3 part special I am running #mindfulmaystylechallenge this month on insta...a 30 day journey for developing your authentic personal style, without buying anything.

And if you haven't already you can listen to my Wardrobe Wisdom episode on Capsule Wardrobes whilst you wait.

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