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Imagine a world where you owned your style instead of outsourcing it (to fast fashion)

Enter: The Sustainable Stylist.

But what exactly is a Sustainable Stylist, and what do they do?

Hi, I’m Hazel, the queen of finding your style, not buying it.

I work in the slow fashion movement, helping you challenge what you think you know about your style, because style isn’t something you buy, it’s something you cultivate.

Let's move away from overwhelm and overconsumption.

I am all about getting you loving, wearing, rewearing, restyling, mending, altering and keeping your clothes. Without compromising on style. Buck trends and nail sustainability your own way.

I have often received messages from my clients apologising about the amount of fast fashion in their wardrobes before we meet. Fast fashion is the model by which the majority of us are clothed in 2024. I’m here to show you how to love, keep and wear the garments you have already spent time, money and energy on, rather than viewing them as disposable items. 

The concept that clothes ARE disposable items is what really needs to change so that we can slow down, love our clothes more, buy less and take back our power from the fast fashion system.

I work with women who want to find their ‘fu*k yeah’ moment when they get dressed everyday. Women who want sustainable options that make them feel bold and inspired. Women who are in transitional periods of their lives (motherhood/career change/divorce/menopause/retirement) to help them find themselves again. Women who don’t dress like everybody else, who feel authentic and put together.

Women who own their style.

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