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Sustainable style for the modern wardrobe 


Hi, I am Hazel. 


I am sick of clothing being a commodity.


I am fed up with the fast fashion model.


I believe its time to challenge the idea of consumerism over everything.

I specialise in curating wearable wardrobes authentic to you. Guiding you MINDFULLY and FEARLESSLY wear and re-wear the clothes you already own without compromising on style.


I am preloved fashion enthusiast, outfit obsessed, mum of two who works with women to decouple their personal style with consumption and keep fashion circular.

Ausmumpreuner Finalist for 2024 in the Sustainability Category.

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Sustainable Personal Styling

At The Curated Wardrobe, I am passionate about creating sustainable and stylish wardrobes for my clients. My in-home services provide personalised attention to your wardrobe, ensuring that each piece brings you joy and confidence.

Sustainable Style Masterclass

I am committed to sustainability, and believe that fashion can be both beautiful and environmentally conscious. My workshops educate my clients on the importance of sustainable style practices and how you can start to easily change your consumer habits, one step at a time. 

Sustainable Style Tour

My Sustainable Style Tour is a guided tour of Perth's best preloved outlets with your very own sustainable fashion expert and personal stylist to help you buy quality secind hand pieces that will merge seamlessly with your existing wardrobe

Why choose me?

I give you a practical framework to curate your wardrobe so that it works hard for you and not the other way around. 


I will get you to a place where you are wearing each garment you own 30+ times, making your wardrobe sustainable.


I show you the potential of the clothing you already own, saving you time, energy and money.


Together we focus on YOUR authentic personal style and not the next micro trend.


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