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1:1 Styling

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Get NEW CLOTHES CONFIDENCE without buying anything new. 

It's time to get the return on investment on your gorgeous garments just hanging in your wardrobe.


Contact me today to discuss your specific style needs!

Each booking includes a personal style consult and highly personalised style guide.


These tools identify your wardrobe woes and how to get your wardrobe working hard for you and not the other way around. 

Personal style consult

1 hour virtual session where we discuss your style preferences, how you like to wear your clothes, how you want to feel in your clothes and any issues you are facing.

Personalised style guide

Your guide is designed to be used again and again when shopping your wardrobe, preloved or retail, making it your go-to resource for getting the most out of what you already own.

The investment for each service is $550

Allow 1 hour for your personal style consult (online)

Allow up to 4 hours for each service

All services are available in person or online 


Get NEW CLOTHES CONFIDENCE without buyng anything new. It's time to get the return on investment on your gorgeous garments just hanging in your wardrobe.

Contact me today to discuss your specific style needs!



Curated Wardrobe

A Curated Wardrobe is intentional, speaks to your own personal style and reduces wardrobe anxiety every day.


We will identify your heroine pieces, your wearable pieces and pieces you don’t know how to style (yet).

You will be left with an organised, lifestyle appropriate wardrobe that is easy to maintain and full of clothes you love to wear.


Capsule Wardrobe

Enter your capsule wardrobe era, ensuring curated lifestyle wardrobe edits for work, play and everyday.

We will curate your capsule wardrobe and give you the skills and confidence to dress appropriately for any occasion with certainty.


Let me solve your wardrobe woes by perfecting your capsule wardrobe for any season.



You'll save money by actually wearing the clothes you already own. Looking put together has never been easier.

We will build effortless and authentic go-to outfits from your existing wardrobe.


Get the most out of your clothes. Say goodbye to hating your clothes and hello to feeling confident in your personal style, without buying anything new.


Preloved shopping

Stop guessing when it comes to your wardrobe! Let me help you save time, money and energy with my preloved fashion shopping service.

Together we will visit Perth’s best preloved outlets. 


I will teach you how to successfully shop preloved, choosing pieces that blend seamlessly with your existing wardrobe, that you will wear again and again. 


"Hazel you are amazing! Thank you so much for helping me realise the potential looks I have in what I already own. Your knowledge about how to piece items together and accessorise has inspired and excited me to step out of my active wear and dress to feel and look good!


I love your suggestion about how to organise my clothing. I can’t wait to share what I have learnt with my family and use my look book to create new outfits!"

Mel. G



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